Residential Welding

Mending a fence

We offer a full mobile welding service that can repair or customize your gates, fences and trailers. We will cut out the bent, broken, or rusted pieces and weld new metal and make it better than ever, saving you money by not having to replace the whole unit, only what needs replacing. We have experience working with steel, copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and even special alloys.

Have a problem with loose Gates or rusted posts?

Not a problem we will pull out the old posts and install new posts in concrete. Most of the material we find being used on fences are made out of a thin gauge metal. We recommend going back with a thicker material, 1/8” square tubing, that will last for years. We will consult with you and together work through all of your options to ensure a satisfying experience.

CNC Laser Cutting

The entrance to your home can be a very special and unique aspect of your estate. With the newest in CNC laser cutting we can cut a pattern, template or any design you can imagine. As an example we can make a coat of arms, ranch brands, family crests, initials or names, pretty much anything you can conceive. We can also cut out pieces for existing bar-b-que pits, mailboxes, plates for trucks or trailers.

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